10 Minutes A Day

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How do you get good at something? Do it. A lot. Over and over again. How do you start? Just start. Give yourself 10 minutes a day to work on whatever it is you want to be good at. Want to be a better artist? Doodle for 10 minutes a day. A better writer? Jot down your thoughts; 10 minutes every day. Organize your craft room, get into better shape? 10 minutes! You will see a big difference in a month. If you keep it up for two months, you’ll have yourself a new habit. As time passes, it becomes part of your life. So what do you want to get better at? Start today. Then set your alarm or tie a sting around your finger to remind you to do it again tomorrow and the next day. If you need help getting to the next level, sign up for a class. And don’t forget to tell people about it. I don’t know about you but, I’m way more likely to stick to it if I’ve told people I’m going to do something. So here I go, I intend to drop a few pounds (get back to where my clothes aren’t too tight) and I really want to learn to draw. Being the crafty girl I am, I made this reminder ring to help keep me on track. (Thank you I Spy DIY! You can find the tutorial for the ring
here.) Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted!

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