Coffee Bean Shaker Card

The Rabbit Hole Designs – Blog Hop Day 1

Are you a coffee loving stampaholic? Then you’re in the right place! The Rabbit Hole Designs is a brand spankin’ new stamp company and their first release is an awesome collection of overcaffeinated critters! Today, I’m participating in their grand opening blog hop and I’ve got a fun shaker card filled with real coffee beans! My card features the Overcaffeinated Cat. Her slippers crack me up. And that sentiment – so punny! 


Watch how I put this card together…

Notice how I used tulle, instead of acetate for the windows? It lets that delicious aroma come through. Have you ever used real coffee beans in a shaker card? What about other non-traditional fillers?

By the way, I have to give credit for the beans I used in this card to my in-house roast master. My husband has learned the art of coffee roasting and now, I’m a total coffee snob. I don’t mean to be, but you can really taste the difference when the beans are fresh. #slightlyspoiled #menotthebeans

I told you there was a blog hop, but did I mention the prizes? Get over to The Rabbit Hole Design’s blog for all of the details! Good luck my crafty friend! And be sure to come back tomorrow; I’ve saved my favorite card for then!!! 


  1. This is such a fun card with the coffee beans. Great video, too. Thanks for being a part of our launch.

  2. What a fantastic shaker card, great use of the tulle! So fabulous!

  3. Crystal O. Minkler says:

    Great idea for a shaker card! Love it!

  4. This is such a great card! I love that you put coffee beans as your shaker element. Great video too!

  5. Coffee beans in your shaker…….😳😍Genius! Headed to watch your video now. I loved your first 2!

  6. So fun! I roast my own beans too (in my popcorn popper). Love that I can make my own personalized blends!

  7. Awesome idea to use real coffee beans! I have not use anything other than sequins in my shaker cards. I have used tule before and I find that that is a really cool effect. How awesome that your hubby learn how to roast your own coffee beans! I think I would be a coffee snob too of my hubby did that 🙂

  8. Shakers are my fave type of card and this one is just fabulous!
    I have used coffee grinds (fresh!), but not coffee beans. And I’ve
    just recently seen designers using tulle/mesh in lieu of acetate,
    which is great (except if you’re using beads or glitter, of course! lol).

  9. This is awesome! Hey if If I ever get this card and I’m out of coffee I will be good to go🤣. love love love the colors, those beans (what😱) just awesomeness in a cup!

  10. Oh so fun! I beet it smells great too! Love it!

  11. LOVE that you used tulle for the window! Combined with the great coloring, it looks like wood and wire!! LOVE that cat and your fabulous card!!

  12. This card is amazing!! looooooove it!!

  13. Wow! Coffee beans in the shaker, love it 🙂

  14. Nancy E Borakowski says:

    This is so cute love the stamps. Thanks for a very creative card. Love your coloring

  15. Hahaha this is hilarious, I love the idea of using real coffee beans!

  16. Oh my gosh, the shaker with the real beans is a fabulous idea. The image? Can’t wait to use her!

  17. Love the shaker!! And I totally agree about the beans! #spoiledistotallyok

  18. The beans are a great touch! I imagine it smells like a hot cup of coffee too!

  19. Fabulous idea with
    the tulle and real
    coffee beans. Cute
    Carla from Utah

  20. MaryAnn Samuelson says:

    Tulle shaker card is fab since you can really smell the coffee beans.. Fab video today, but all your videos for this release so far have been amazing. Thank you for being such a great part of our release!

  21. OMGosh so funny, love these.

  22. WOW, CRAZY and CUTE stampsets! Love this new company’s snarky images! I especially love That you used real coffee beans for this shaker!

  23. Wowww!!! So innovative and gorgeous card… Love the way you have used really coffee beans as Shaker elements…. Love it totally…
    Thanks so much for inspiring..


  24. This is brilliant!!! I LOVE THIS IDEA! SOOOO CUTE!

  25. So COOL! Totally love your card! Those coffee beans are so creative! LOVE!!!


  26. I LOVE that you used Coffee Beans, Super cute. and your video is awesome

  27. LOVE this shaker card!!! Super cute cat!!

  28. OMGosh your shaker card is adorable!! I want that cat stamp set!!

  29. Cool and clever card!

  30. Katrina Bertelsen says:

    So creative and Adorable!!!

  31. This is so creative!!!

  32. Just yummy! Outstanding creation!

  33. No way!!! SO CUTE!!!

  34. Super cute shaker card! Love that kitty!

  35. What a great card! Love the coffee beans as shaker material

  36. What a great idea for a shaker… love the beans and the netting.

  37. I have some coffee beans in reserve for a coffee bean shaker and yours is just amazing. Love the look and expect it smells great too. Hugz

  38. Wow what a unique card. I could just smell the coffee beans. Love your whole card.

  39. WOW what a brilliant idea to use coffee beans…. I love it!!!

  40. I bet that coffee bean shaker smells awesome

  41. This is a really fun shaker design! I love the idea of the coffee beans, and your kitty looks amazing!

  42. Fantastic card!! Great idea for the shaker card 😊 so happy I came by to see your inspiration!

  43. Oh I can’t wait to get this shaker card approach-thank you for sharing!

  44. What a fabulous card. Wonderful coloring on the kitty.

  45. Oh my!!! I’m totally in love for the stunning design!!! It’s too cool!!!

  46. Such a fun shaker card with real coffee beans.. Love it. Hugs

  47. Oh ! What fun idea. Never would have thought to use coffee beans in a shaker… Fabulous…

  48. Cindyellen Robinson says:

    What an awesome idea!! Tulle and coffee beans!! Yeehaa

  49. Love it!!

  50. What a great idea to incorporate the coffee bean! Brilliant!

  51. I never would have thought to use tulle for a shaker card. The beans make this card fantastic!

  52. This is fabulous! I love tje shaker coffee bean too.

  53. The coffee bean shaker is amazing. BRILLIANT

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