Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat – Pocket Card

I haven’t been shy about saying the All Ears set from The Rabbit Hole Designs is my favorite of the new release. As soon as I saw the image, I knew I wanted to create a pocket card shaped like a top hat and have the cute little bunnies pull out. And I’m happy to report, this card came out as cute in real life as it was in my head! (Lol, that isn’t always the case.)

I stamped the bunny pile onto a panel and channeled my inner Mona Toth for coloring inspiration (she does yellow and turquoise like nobody’s business!) I used Copic markers to color the bunnies, then added a drop shadow around the outer edge with a pale blue marker. You can see how that little bit of color helps the image not look so flat. (By the way, it’s day 2 of the new 30 Day Coloring Challenge; are you coloring along with us?)

Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card

I stamped my sentiment and cut the panel out with a tag die. Because I used Copic markers, I cut a second tag to layer behind to cover the bleed through. The tag I used was a little long for my image, so I slid the die up and re-cut the bottom to shorten it.

Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card

The top hat might seem a little complicated, but it was actually pretty easy to make. I’ve got step-by-step pictures to help guide you through. Basically, I cut a pair of oval donuts, and a pair of tags (slightly larger than the tag I used for the bunnies). Some black Glitter Glitz Gel stenciled on the tags give the top hat some pizzazz and lend to the magical feeling I was trying to create.

Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card

The tags I used for the hat are the same width as the inner oval, so they slip right inside.* I trimmed the front tag down with the inner oval die so when I glued outer the edges together, they created a library pocket.

Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card

Next, I slipped the pocket in through the center of the first oval and lined it up with the pocket opening. I glued it in place. (It’s going to look weird and you’re going to wonder if you’re doing it right. Don’t worry, if it looks like the picture below, it’s right.) Now to fix the weird lines at the top, I glued the second oval on top of the first oval. (It doesn’t slide around anything, just gets glued right on top.) This hides the top edge of the back of the pocket and makes it look like a hat brim. Test to make sure no glue has seeped out and sealed your pocket shut.

Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card

Every dapper top hat has trim, and I decided to add a yellow band to the back of mine. (From the front side’s perspective, you wouldn’t be able to see the band, so I only added it to the back.) I used the same larger tag and smaller oval dies to cut it out, then I glued it to the hat.

Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card

To finish the card, I punched a hole in my bunny tag, tied on some ribbon and twine, then added some flat-backed stars and gems to both the tag and hat. I love it! It’s all ready for a very magical birthday…my Grandpa’s 90th! (I’ll let you know what he thinks of it ☺️)

Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card Rabbit Out of a Hat Pocket Card

Thanks for stopping by today! You can find the sister article to this on the Rabbit Hole Designs’ blog. Hop on over for more inspiration. If you’d like to see another card I made using this stamp, check this out. I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun, interactive card.

*If you don’t have tag or rounded rectangle dies that are wide enough to fit the exact opening of your inner oval, just cut the right size panels with your paper trimmer and use a corner rounder at the bottom. If your die is too wide, you can cut the panels out, then slide your die over and trim the panels down with it in a second pass through your machine (like I did to shorten the bunny tag).

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  1. Sharon Gullikson says:

    I hope that you keep doing blog posts showing how to use dies in imaginative ways!!!!!!!!!! I just love it. I have A LOT of dies, but only use them in the intended ways. I would love to learn some new tricks! no pun intended.

  2. Such a clever card! Love this! All Ears is my fave set of the release too!

  3. Simply adorable…and so very appropriate for 90 year old gentleman!! Amanda your explanations are so great it seems if followed, perhaps we mortals can achieve “Amanda” results!! Laughed out loud at your before and after…but again, it is a powerful instruction tool. You’re the best!!

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