Bay Window Light-up Cards with LV Handcrafted

We are so excited to welcome Linh from LV Handcrafted as a guest designer! She has created a pair of beautiful bay window light-up cards for Christmas, using our EZ-Lights and a really cool fun fold. Linh created one card in an edited video, and another in a LIVE. You can watch them come together here…



Aren’t these cards awesome? I’ve never tried a bay window card before, but I can’t wait to now! If you’d like to light up your bay window cards like Linh did, you’ll want to pick up some EZ-Lights.

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You’ll find the rest of the supplies Linh used for each card in her video descriptions.

Here are a few photos of Linh’s cards…

Aren’t they gorgeous? I just love the way these turned out! As my husband and I were watching Linh’s livestream, he mentioned that a leg lamp would be fun to put in the window too. Lol, now I’m on the hunt for a stamp… The fun fold is so neat, even if you don’t add lights. I’m really excited to give it a try!

A great big thanks to Linh for guest designing today! She’ll be back soon with another great card to share! If you aren’t familiar with Linh, she shares wonderful cardmaking tips and techniques, along with amazing interactive card tutorials. You can find her on YouTube at LV Handcrafted, on her blog at, on Facebook at LV Handcrafted and on Instagram at @lvhandcrafted. I know you’ll want to subscribe and/or follow her to keep up with her amazing creations!

Please make sure to use Linh’s links above, if you’d like to purchase any of the items used today. Some are affiliate links, and that helps to support her hobby. Don’t worry, there is no additional cost to you; it’s just an awesome way to thank her for the inspiration. 

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    Thank you so much, Amanda, for the honor of guest designing! I’m so excited to play with more of your lights!! ❤️❤️

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