Dad’s Tools Card

Why are masculine cards difficult? Probably because guys often prefer playing with different tools than we do. Instead of cutting paper, they tend to like to cut wood. Well, today’s card was designed with Dad’s workshop in mind. And it has a secret pocket that holds a gift card too. (Father’s Day is coming…) Check it out!

If you have a tool guy in your life, why not make him a fun card like this? (It’s fast and easy because there is no coloring involved.) Don’t forget to tuck in a gift card to his favorite home improvement store…

This card is super simple to recreate, with the help of dies from i-crafter. Let me show you how! Grab these supplies and meet me in the craft room…

Tool Box Gift Card Holder Die Set
Pegboard Shelfie Die Set
i-Mend PRO Deck Cutting Deck
i-Clik Pick
i-Grip Locking Tweezers

The first step is to die cut your pieces. (Side note: If you are tired of warped cutting plates, I’m going to take the opportunity to sing the praises of my i-Mend Self Mending PRO Deck again. It’s fantastic!!! I also recommend keeping your i-Clik Pick handy when die cutting. It helps poke your pieces out, then retracts so you don’t poke yourself.) Alright, let’s dive in. I cut a pair of green tool boxes, two sets of drawers and drawer pulls. I cut one lid to the tool box and one set of casters. I cut one each of the tools, except the wrench (I cut two of those). I cut one set of handles from orange stock. For the pliers, there isn’t a second die for the handles. Just cut the bottom half again from orange. For a thick embellishment, I cut three layers of the word DAD to decorate the tool box lid. Instead of tucking the tools into the drawers, I cut a pegboard panel to hang above the box. I also cut down a black panel to fit behind the pegboard so the holes would look more realistic. You might be wondering how I cut the pegboard panel down from it’s normal A2 size. I simply used partial die cutting to get the panel to the size I wanted, and keep the nice beveled edges you get from die cutting. I lined my top cutting plate up, covering 4 rows of holes and cut. Then, I shifted the die and top plate to cut a fifth row of holes and the other end. The holes make it easy to line up.

To assemble the tool box, use a thin line of glue around three sides to adhere the two large boxes together, leaving the top open. Glue the flap of the lid to the back. This gives you a pocket for your gift card. (If you don’t want to add a gift card, omit the second layer.) To help line up the drawers, the die embosses grooves for you. Start with the long ones at the bottom and use thin foam tape to elevate them from the box.

If you cut your tools from shiny silver cardstock like I did, make sure to use a stronger glue to adhere the handles. I prefer PVA glue for regular paper to paper. With shiny stock and plastic gems, I prefer Gina K Connect glue or Bearly Art glue. Using a pair of locking tweezers helps line things up without getting your fingers in the way.

Once all of your parts are glued together, adhere them to a top-folding card base. I offset the tool box so the wheels hang off the bottom just slightly. It still fits into an A2 envelope, and this way it doesn’t look like I forgot to create a separation between the floor and wall. (You could add a strip of paper along the bottom of your card if you want to add a floor.) Of course, you can create the iconic red tool box for your card, but they come in a whole rainbow of colors now so I chose lime green with orange tool handles, on a yellow background. It’s bright and cheerful, yet still masculine. I didn’t add any glitter or gems, but there is still some shine from the silver tools. What do you think?

I love how this card turned out and I hope you are inspired to give it a try. Tag me on Instagram if you do, so I can cheer you on! I’d love to know what colors you’d recreate it in!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I’ll be back soon with more fun cards to share.

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