Death Before Decaf EZ Lights Card

Hi, friends! Lauren Taylor Made here and I am so excited to share my first project on the Pear Blossom Press Video Team. As a big fan of Amanda and all her interactive card “guts,” I’m thrilled to be here! I thought a good first card to make would be something that would fit my personality so in case I’m new to you, you can get an idea of my favorite cards to make.

For my Death Before Decaf card, I am using the classic EZ Lights to light up my skeleton! I only need two lights for this card and in my video on the Pear Blossom Press YouTube Channel I share how easy it is to snip off an LED to reduce the lights from three to two. I’m also stenciling, die cutting and using Ohuhu Art Markers for some basic, monochrome coloring.

In case you need some stills of the card guts, here is a look at the insides of my card! Let me know in the comments if you have ever altered your EZ Lights to fit your card layout. It feels weird to cut one off, but sometimes you just need two!

Thank you so much for stopping by the Pear Blossom Press blog today! You can find a list of supplies down below starting with products in the Pear Blossom press shop.

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