May the Force Be With You – Let’s Make a Lightsaber!

Hello and welcome!  My name is Linh or LV Handcrafted across all the socials.  Thanks for popping by. Today I’m making a lightsaber light up!  What kid wouldn’t love a Star Wars card with a lightsaber that actually lights up!?  I used the One Lights that come with the Halo Light Combo (affiliate link) to make it seem like you push a button on the handle of the sword to turn it on. The One Lights that come with the Halo Light Combo are great because the button is in a straight line below the light, which makes it possible to have the effect of pushing a button behind the handle of the sword. (Note: the One Lights that are sold separately are different. The button is slightly to the right of the light and not directly below it.)

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  1. This is fantastic Linh!

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