Embellishment Ideas

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Looking to spice up your handmade creations? Adding embellishments to cards and scrapbook pages can take them from blah to
WOW! I often personalize store bought cards and invitations by adding a few special touches.

You can use almost anything that’ll stick to paper but, lightweight and basically flat items tend to work best. Think 3-D but, remember your cards need to fit into envelopes and your scrapbooks should close. Here is a list of some of the things I like to embellish with. You can print the list to keep handy here
Embellishment Idea Sheet. Let me know what your favorite embellishments are.

  • Stickers, stamped/colored images, clip art, postage stamps, magazine or newspaper clippings
  • Ribbon, lace, tulle, fabric scraps, embroidery floss, thread, yarn
  • Die cuts/punches (cut shapes from paper, foil, plastic, felt, fabric, foam, chipboard, etc.)
  • Buttons, beads, charms
  • Washi tape, duct tape, sticky mesh tape, Dyno® label tape (or 3/8″ cardstock strips run through label maker)
  • Silk or paper flowers
  • Metal washers, frames, keys, hardware, etc.
  • Paperclips, binder clips, staples (decorative or regular)
  • Wire formed into words or shapes (use a Wig-Jig®)
  • Toothpicks, popsicle sticks and tongue depressors (can be easily cut)
  • Hand
    or machine stitching
  • Pearl
    head pins, hat pins
  • Game
    pieces (dominos, Scrabble®
    letters, playing cards, Monopoly®
    parts, poker chips, Lego® pieces)
  • Frames,
    mats, tags
  • Rhinestones,
    glitter, glitter glue
  • Folded paper (origami, pleated paper strips, tiny envelopes/cards)
  • Brads, eyelets, snaps
  • Paint
    or ink
  • Markers,
    pens, rub-ons, pencils (doodles, dashes and
  • Found
    objects (ticket stubs, google eyes, tiny bells, pompoms, watch
    parts, flat marbles, pressed leaves/flowers, postage stamps, clothing tags,
    feathers, glass slides, pipe cleaners, air-dry or polymer clay pieces)

Embellish away,


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