Holding onto Halloween

Good morning, MaryAnn here and it is my first official post as part of the PearBlossom Press Design Team! I have been using EZ-Lights for many years and was excited when Amanda reached out and asked if I would like to create with them for her team. It has been many years since I have had to write a blog post so excuse me if I forget something.

Today’s project uses Lawn Fawn Spooky Forest Backdrop and PearBlossom Press EZ-Lights, which BTW are my absolute favorite of their product line!  I love Halloween and will hold onto it for as long as possible, literally right up until the day before Thanksgiving, ya’ll can keep your Turkey feasts, give me candy corn, and taffy!


First, I started by assembling my layers and adding some foam tape to the bottom of the card.

Next, I placed my EZ-Lights with the button exactly where I want to be able to push down to turn the lights on.

I used a pencil to trace around the unit.

I cut around it to give it space/depth to sit into the card’s overall design

I then used a hole punch to punch a hole into the bottom of my background layer and a tiny piercing tool to poke 3 holes where I wanted my ghosts to hover over.

Once everything was taped down nice and secure I then flipped the background panel back over and affixed the front panel and layers.

Then, I placed my ghosts in front of the lights.

Thank you so much for stopping by the Pear Blossom Press Blog today!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun light-up card!

Happy crafting, MaryAnn



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