Let’s String Up Some Christmas Lights!

Are your Christmas lights already up?

Hello and welcome! My name is Linh or LV Handcrafted across all the socials. Whether you’re fully in the holiday spirit or you’re taking a breather between holidays, it’s always a good time to light up a card!  Today I’m making a string of Christmas lights on my card with the EZ Lights (affiliate link). These are fabulous because whether you’re making an A2 card or a 5×7 card like I am today, the wires are long enough for you to get your lights exactly where you want them.

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Supply List

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By assembling everything onto the back of my panel, I was able to easily preview what the lights look like in their final position.  I was able to make final adjustments before attaching this to my card base.


Light up your next card!

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