Owls in the Moonlight with EZ Lights

Hello, this is April Leithner (@inkycreationswithapril on IG and FB) from the Design Team with a simple card that I kicked up a few notches with some EZ Lights. It is definitely spring here is Texas and the critters are all out and about. We have some owls in the neighborhood that I can hear at night, so I had to make these two in the moonlight. For all the detailed instructions on this card, visit my blog post: www.inkycreationswithapril.com.



Learn how I made this card with detailed instructions on my blog – www.inkycreationswithapril.com. You will find step by step instructions and suggestions for this cute card. Visit post here: https://inkycreationswithapril.com/owls-in-the-moonlight-with-ez-lights-pear-blossom-press/.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoy this card and it inspires you to see what you can make light up on a card. It is so much fun. Make sure to head over to my blog to see how this card came together. Have a wonderful day and happy crafting!

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