Top 5 Reasons to Make Your Own Cards

5. An Excuse to go to the Craft Shop – If you enjoy ogling
papers, are drawn to the sparkle of rhinestones and glitter and could get lost
in the sticker aisles for days, then you might love going to the craft store
almost as much as me. Any excuse therefore, is a good one!

4. Personalized is Better – When you make a card from
scratch, you have an opportunity to tailor it directly to the person you are
making it for. Be it a fellow crafter, a sports fan, a young child or someone
with a funny nickname; you can design a card that will mean something
specifically to that person.

3. It’s Fun – Making cards is a great way to play with the
craft supplies you have on hand (or go buy more, see #5). You don’t have to
limit yourself to one style; each one is its own little piece of art with no
need to match or coordinate with any others. You can even use it as an excuse
to spend a great afternoon with the kids or have “girl’s night in” with

2. It’s WAY More Expensive (but, cheaper than therapy) – I could
lie to you and tell you that the cost of a few sheets of cardstock, some
glitter, stamps and ribbon add up to the same amount as a few store bought cards
but, who am I kidding? If I get out of the craft store for less than $50, I
reward myself with a fancy lunch to celebrate! Then I spend the rest of the
afternoon looking at all the stuff I couldn’t pass up but, have no idea what I’ll
use it for…

1. It Means More – A handmade card is a gift of love; if it’s
pretty too, all the better. Perfect or not, the person receiving it will
probably treasure it forever. When my mother passed, I found a stash of cards
that I had made for her to use as gifts but, she never wanted to part with any
of them. I know many of the cards I’ve made over the years for friends and
family are kept somewhere safe; little treasures made especially for them.

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