Tropical Vibes in Seattle

Hello again my friends! I’m back with another fun interactive card today. Isn’t it cute? I just love rocker cards. And this one has an extra surprise; the pendulum inside helps the Caffeinated Shark sway in the waves while he sips his cup of coffee. 

So why did I title this article Tropical Vibes in Seattle? Well, this is the second card I designed to teach at the Unstoppable Retreat in Seattle this past weekend. (You can find the first one here.) The plan was to film it live, so you’d be able to watch us craft in real time and make one with us if you’d like. Unfortunately, we ran long with the first card and didn’t get to do this one together. I passed out kits for this card to all of the attendees and I shot a quick video in my hotel room after. My apologies for the lighting and such; it’s so hard to find a hotel that offers a full service filming studio 😉 


If you’d like to cut out the same parts and pieces, you’ll need the following stamps and dies:

You will also need a strip of paper that measures ¼” x 2½” and a penny to create the pendulum. The hardest part was die cutting all of the pieces. Which, to be honest, isn’t actually hard, just time consuming. Especially, when you are cutting for 30 cards. I’d really like to thank the awesome ladies that sat around the dining room table with me the night before class and helped me finish cutting the pieces, Alison, Robin, Ernylee, Rachel, and Brianne, you ladies are fabulous!!!

I have to take a second to gush a little about the retreat…it was so much fun! I got to meet several of my online friends in person, and a whole new group of amazing ladies that I now get to call friends too! We were in a gorgeous setting and had a wonderful time crafting, chatting, laughing, and forging new friendships. We shared great meals and silly jokes all day, and funny stories and cocktails all night. I can’t wait to do it again next year! A great big thanks to Beth Duff for organizing the retreat, as well as Audra from Kindred Stamps for being such an awesome sponsor!!! The Rabbit Hole Designs was a generous sponsor too, and I was so happy to show off some of their fun stamps in my class!

Well folks, I’d better get this article uploaded before Game of Thrones breaks the internet tonight. (Do you think Jon is going to kill Daenerys? Is she pregnant with his baby? Will Arya ride up on the pale horse and do it? So many questions…I can’t wait to see!) You can find the sister article to this one on The Rabbit Hole Designs’s Blog

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