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It’s day 2 of the new release celebration from The Rabbit Hole Designs, and today, I thought I’d share a fun DIY Christmas gift idea! It’s inexpensive too. I made fun labels for home roasted coffee beans, using the new Caffeinated Parrot stamp, but the same idea works with any of the Caffeinated Critters

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know my husband likes to roast fresh coffee beans for us every morning. Not only do they taste better, but they are less expensive too. Green (dry, unroasted) beans cost about $6-7 per pound, and the process only takes about 15 minutes per batch.



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Nowadays, Micah uses a fancy roaster, but he started with just a regular air popper for popcorn. Some people even roast their beans in a frying pan. There are lots of resources and videos showing you the different methods, but no matter how you roast, I suggest doing it outside. The beans produce a fair amount of chaff and smoke toward the end. 

If the process seems overwhelming, you can buy fresh roasted beans and repackage them for fun gifts. To label the beans, I printed the text on the right side of my labels, leaving room on the left for my stamped images. ( has free templates that you can use to easily print on any of their labels. This is a sheet of 8164 labels.) Then I stamped the Caffeinated Parrot onto each sticker. I colored the images with Copic markers, then I stenciled some clouds in the sky with the new Clouds in my Coffee Stencil. To frame the labels, I blended green inks around each one.  

I applied the labels to empty coffee bags, and they are ready to fill. There is a place for Micah or I to sign the bag and date it. We’ll be giving these away as Christmas gifts. Since we already have a roaster, these gifts will cost about $7-8 each. I might tuck in a set of coffee themed cards to match too. 

I’d love to know what you think of these labels! And if you give coffee roasting a try, please take a picture and tag me! I’m sure Micah would love to see too. Would you like to see more inspiration for the new Caffeinated Parrot? Hop along with us! 

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Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll be back later this week with several more great projects to share! See you soon!
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  1. OK Micah, HINT: Is PBP going to sell the roasted bean packets on the website? Tell Ah-mazing to move over with her card making, PBP has a big money maker coming! Can we spell Christmas gifts?

  2. Such fun labels! I roast beans also! No photos at the moment.

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