More Light-up Cards with Pink & Main

Woohoo! Welcome to day 2 of our Collab Hop with Pink and Main! If you missed the lineup yesterday, or only made it part way through, I’ve got if for you again, in reverse order…


Rachel Winn

Lynnea Hollendonner

Cassie Trask

Ilina Crouse

Carol Hintermeier


[one_half last]

Amanda Wilcox

Renee Moran

Kathy Schweinfurth

Niccole Kulig

Annette Allen



Which projects were your favorite? There were so many really awesome cards. The Day of the Dead projects, the light-up coffee confections, the Autumn sunrise, the adorable bears, that candle! So pretty. Which new sets from Pink and Main made your must have list? (I need the mugs!) What will you light up with your EZ-Lights? Don’t forget, you can also find EZ-Lights in the Pink and Main shop, as well as here

EZ Lights for Light Up Cards Pear Blossom Press

If you’ve never tried them before, some of our designers put great videos together, showing you how to use EZ-Lights. Check them out! 

Did you catch Cassie’s video? This adorable slimline reminds me of a coffee shop marquee!


Did you see Lynnea’s video? Her Day of the Dead slimline has the sweetest sugar skulls!

How about Renee’s great video? The gorgeous sunflowers pair perfectly with the bright light-up sunrise!


Did you catch Niccole’s trick for extra lights? (She’s got me thinking of a new version of the EZ-Light with more lights!) And did you see the way Rachel and Amanda lit up their vellum backgrounds? So soft and pretty. Carol showed us that the lights are even bright enough to shine through lightweight cardstock too! Don’t forget, EZ-Lights are great for special holiday cards, as Kathy showed us. And what better way to light up a starry sky? Ilina Crouse and Annette shared great examples of this!

Thanks for stopping by my friend! I hope you have enjoyed hopping along with us, and that we’ve inspired you to give some of these ideas a try. We’d love to see your take on these awesome designs. If you try any of them, please tag us so we can see and cheer you on. 

One thought on “More Light-up Cards with Pink & Main

  1. Great collab hop! I enjoyed all the projects and seeing the lights in action! Love the mugs too, and also Kathy’s card with the candle in a jar. That was a great choice of images for a light-up card! I really enjoyed Renee’s video with her card also!
    I’d make a Halloween scene that lights up…. either some spooky houses or maybe some jack o’lanterns!

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